[TYPO3-english] Empty list in Memo page

Valentín Miguel valentinmiguel at exagono.es
Fri Nov 27 10:47:18 CET 2009

Good morning,
I have a problem with the plugin tt_products "MEMO page", I have a 
products list and whe I logged, I have a button in all the products with 
the value "Add to Memo Page", but when I go to the Memo page, no list of 
products are shown.
I have added "Shop System Old Style". I configure the following 
constaints, no need more now:

plugin.tt_products.file.templateFile = fileadmin/products_css_en.html
plugin.tt_products.PIDbasket = 8
plugin.tt_products.PIDstoreRoot = 9
plugin.tt_products.PIDtracking = 11
plugin.tt_products.PIDfinalize = 12
plugin.tt_products.PIDinfo = 12
plugin.tt_products.PIDpayment = 12
plugin.tt_products.PIDmemo = 13
plugin.tt_products.PIDuserFolder = 14

Any idea¿?


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