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Paul Rijke paul at rijke.org
Thu Nov 26 14:36:58 CET 2009

Hi Tyler,

This is quite advanced for me (at the moment). Just starting out with TS and

If you wish to elaborate on that, I am happy to learn.

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You can do this many ways but the two that come right to mind instantly 
are to change the entrylevel and make use of all the options in TMENU 
and TMENUITEM  or you can simply replace your wrap with stdWrap.datawrap 
to get the data.


Paul Rijke wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm developing a new template and I want a submenu, containting the
> of it's parent a the title. So I have level-0 menu-time called "Services",
> than I want the submenu to be generated as:
> <div class="sub_nav">
> 	<h1>Services</h1>
> 		<ul>
> 		<li><a href="#">Financial Services</a></li>
> 		<li><a href="#">Technical Services</a></li>
> 	</ul>
> </div>
> Any ideas how to typoscript this? This what I have now, which works except
> for the title. I know i have to do something with leveltitle:0 or so, but
> please bear with me:
> lib.subMenu = HMENU
> lib.subMenu.entryLevel = 1
> lib.subMenu.wrap = <div class="sub_nav"><h1>{ leveltitle : 0
> }</h1><ul>|</ul></div>
> lib.subMenu.1 = TMENU
> lib.subMenu.1.NO {
>   allWrap =<li>|</li>
> }
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
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