[TYPO3-english] Configuration space for plugins (?)

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at think-open.at
Mon Nov 23 20:46:07 CET 2009

Francois Suter wrote:

> I found another unknown (for me) configuration in the TSref. At the end 
> of the CONFIG top-level object, one can find the following:
> tx_[extension key with no underscores]_[*]    Configuration space for 
> plugins
> Is anyone using this? Was that a predecessor of syntax 
> plugin.tx_[extension key with no underscores]_[*] or is that not the same?

Hello Francois,

I also read about this configuration space for the first time. Usually 
one uses plugin.tx_myext_whatever to have a configuration passed to a 

But of course you could use the config.tx_myext_whatever space to have 
some kind of configuration template and then copy it to one or more 
instances of your plugins like:

plugin.tx_myext_pi1 < config.tx_myext_tmpl
plugin.tx_myext_pi1 = USER
plugin.tx_myext_pi2 < config.tx_myext_tmpl
plugin.tx_myext_pi2 = USER_INT

I do not know if this makes any sense, as you could use any arbitrary 
TypoScript path like lib.myPlugin, but if this is in the documentation I 
   would like to know who introduced this.

If no references can be found in the core (I did not have a look) I 
guess it could get removed from the documentation


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