[TYPO3-english] Custom wrapping text and textpic cObj

Andrew Plank plankmeister_NO at SPAM_hotmail.com
Mon Nov 23 11:58:35 CET 2009

Chris Müller wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> why don't you use a "normal" wrap:
> tt_content.text.wrap = FRED1|FRED2

Hi Chris,

I need to add a trailing </div> in very specific situations, relating to 
an extension I've created. It's a header-style extension that creates an 
accordion out of content elements, using the header as the accordion 
toggle, and the bodytext of the content element as the content of the 
accordion. Initially, I needed to add two HTML content elements to the 
page, one above and one below the content elements, the upper one 

<div id="accordion_wrapper">

and the bottom one containing:


...so that the accordions can be targetted properly by the JS.
Then I modified the extension so that the first content element on the 
page that has this scpecific header_layout property, has the HTML 
prepended to it. This works exactly as expected.
However, to add a </div> to the end, I'm targetting the last content 
element on the page, and simply adding "</div>" to the bodytext property 
of the cObj. This *sort of* works. It adds the </div>, but because this 
is happening before the content is rendered, then the </div> is 
automatically wrapped by <p>|</p> by the rendering process, so it ends 
up as:


...which of course isn't valid XHTML.

So I need to wrap it from "outside" the scope of the plugin, yet still 
be able to check if the currently processed content element is the last 
one on the page, and if so, wrap it with |</div>

It's complicated, but if I can get it to call a function, I can get it 
to work, which then makes the plugin far more usable. It's too much 
hassle to have to get users to remember to add in arbitrary HTML content 
elements to get it to work.

Sorry for the long explanation, but you did ask :)


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