[TYPO3-english] rggooglemap: Tooltip configuration

Lars Brinkmann brinkmann.lars at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 11:19:20 CET 2009

Hi All!

I want to us an other fieldset for the tooltip of rggooglemap. Google
let me found the following:

"Tooltip configuration:
rggooglemap uses the field name of your table for the rollover tooltip
to your markers. If you want to use a different field you will
currently have to change it manually in
rggooglemap/pi1/class.tx_rggooglemap_pi1.php on line 1670"

Unfortunately, there seems to be the wrong code:

  function newLevel($name,$beginEndFlag=0,$params=array())        {
Line 1670:    $par=array();

I would like to use: Title, First Name, Middle Name, Lastname.

Lars Brinkmann

brinkmann.lars at gmail.com

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