[TYPO3-english] Rendering shortcuts

Tomas Mrozek mail at cascaval.com
Fri Nov 20 17:29:54 CET 2009

> Could you give a quick example how I would, for example, access and wrap
> an image field from the shortcut record in the below,  then I should be
> all set ?

It depends on which tt_content type you want to set it for. The content
"Insert records" includes tt_content records which again are of certain
type... including "Insert records". Confused?! :-)

With the previous code,
temp.shortlist.renderObj.5.shortcut.conf.tt_content is the same as
tt_content so use TypoScript Object browser to explore the current
settings and do changes.

For example, with
temp.shortlist.renderObj.5.shortcut.conf.tt_content.image you can change
all "Image" tt_content elements that you refer to in the "Insert
records" (shortcut) element. You can obviously completely redefine them,

temp.shortlist.renderObj.5.shortcut.conf.tt_content.image >
temp.shortlist.renderObj.5.shortcut.conf.tt_content.image = TEXT
temp.shortlist.renderObj.5.shortcut.conf.tt_content.image.value = TEST

...should render text "TEST" instead of each "Image" that you are
referring to with your "Insert records" element.

Tomas Mrozek

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