[TYPO3-english] Definition list output in frontend

Jacco van der Post jacco at id-internetservices.com
Thu Nov 19 09:11:59 CET 2009

Pff took me a while searching but I found it.
Tried all kinda combinations in tsconfig but it turned out to be 
something simple...

It is nice that 4.3 has included definition lists in the RTE, but plz 
add default also the "dl", "dd" and "dt" to 
styles.content.links.allowTags else these tags will be escaped...

For those who also want to use definition lists:

Just put this in constants :

styles.content.links.allowTags = 

In TSconfig definitionlist and definitionitem must be added to 
showButtons or set it to * (4.3), see manual htmlArea RTE.

grtz jacco

Op 18-11-2009 22:58, Jacco van der Post schreef:

> What do I need to set if I want the new definition list implemented in
> 4.3 RTE or downloadable as an extension for < 4.3 not to output
> literally the html in the frontend.
> So I get this in the source of the frontend :
> <p class="bodytext"><dl><dt>This is my term</dt><dd>Lorem
> ipsum</dd></dl></p>
> and thus it shows this
> <dl><dt>This is my term</dt><dd>Lorem ipsum</dd></dl>

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