[TYPO3-english] Searching a single site with indexed search/site crawler when you have multiple sites

Clay Sissing clay at kdweb.co.uk
Wed Nov 18 17:03:08 CET 2009

Hey Guys,


I'm currently working on a typo3 project which has mutiple sites in the
page tree. I am searching the sites using the indexed search/site
crawler extensions using the following configuration in the root page of
each site:-



tx_crawler.crawlerCfg.paramSets.content = 

tx_crawler.crawlerCfg.paramSets.content {

                cHash = 1

                procInstrFilter = tx_indexedsearch_reindex,

                baseUrl = http://www.domainofthissite.co.uk/



config {

   no_cache = 0

   simulateStaticDocuments = 0

   tx_realurl_enable = 1

   # render internal links between domains

   typolinkEnableLinksAcrossDomains = 1

   baseURL = http://www.domainofthissite.co.uk/




The problem I am having though is that when i search in the front end
the results returned include pages from the other sites in my project.
Is there something I can do to configure the search to exclude results
coming from these other sites?


Any help on this would be much appreciated..


Many Thanks,

Clay Sissing


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