[TYPO3-english] TT_Product - Custom price

Jeff Fenu jeff.fenu at hemmer.ch
Tue Nov 17 11:24:53 CET 2009


I'm sorry for my poor English...

I use a shop with tt_product and I have a problem that I want to resolve:

For example, I have a product called "PrimChair" in category "Chairs".
Basic price of this product is 100.-

I want to apply a percentage on the category of this product, which will
display final price.
(For example: 150% on category "Chairs", product's price "PrimChair" is
I want to apply a percentage on the category for each usergroup.
(For example: resellers->120%, retailers->150% etc...)
Final price must appear to the usergroup watching this product,
calculated by a percentage assigned to the category.

How is this possible to do it?

Please ask me if you have some more questions or if my explanation is
not clear to you ...


Jeff Fenu

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