[TYPO3-english] Browser Detection Code

Chris Jensen cjensen at mn-s.ca
Fri Nov 13 22:38:48 CET 2009

Hello Members of the Typo3 Development Community,

I've recently been asked to help a local organization administer their Typo3 
site, which is proving to be an interesting challenge. I'm slowly working 
through the available books and tutorials, but I've come up against a 
challenge that I haven't found a good answer for: namely, what is the best 
practice for doing browser detection in Typo3? My site is having some 
display issues in IE 6 (and earlier), so I'm wondering how best to display 
the site differently on different browsers. This would be easy enough to do 
through straight PHP code, but I want to make sure that there isn't a better 
way to do this within the Typo3 system.


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