[TYPO3-english] realurl - problems won't go away even after complete clean/uninstall

Christophe Stadler christophe at stadler.com
Thu Nov 12 14:10:16 CET 2009

OK, i finally found it ... Sorry for the useless post ... I still don¹t know
where this comes from ...

I had the following lines:

config.baseURL = http://mysite/sites/

In both the constants and setup field of my main page template ... I
probably put it there at some point and forgot about it .. That was the only
thing i forgot in my cleanup action :)

All running perfectly again now

On 11/12/09 1:49 PM, in article
mailman.1.1258030219.7095.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org, "Christophe
Stadler" <christophe at stadler.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm realy completely stumped as to how to solve this other than completely
> re-installing typo3, i am working on a dev server to learn realurl, i played
> around with a couple of realurl related extension as well as trying to
> write/copypasteadapt the config. The i messed up somehow and now here is the
> thing:
> In Safari and Opera(pc and mac) the following happens when i open my siteroot
> page mydomain.com/sites/ :
> * The CSS and JS files are not working (although the link in the head of the
> doc is a correct relative link: <link
> href="fileadmin/templates/client1/css/Main.css" rel="stylesheet"
> type="text/css" />
> * The images on the page are not displayed although the relative path seems
> correct: <img src="fileadmin/templates/client1/images/logo.png">
> But what really completely mystyfies me is this:
> All the links on the page, wether in the main menu or links inside the page
> content have the domain/path duplicated in the href like this:
> Instead of a menu link that should be:
> http://mysite.com/sites/index.php?id=73
> I get:
> http://mysite.com/sites/mydomain.com/sites/index.php?id=73
> Now in order to be sure it¹s not a realurl config problem i have completely
> removed realurl (disabled and deleted from server, database cleaned, realurl
> tables are gone, caches cleaned and recleaned), disabled the htaccess file and
> made sure there was no more reference/file/table whatsover from my tests with
> realurl left over.
> The problem persists ... I tried this on 5 different machines (all different
> in terms of OS and software type & versions) reset/reinstalled browsers to be
> sure it wasn¹t a cache problem.
> The site worked completely fine in Safari/Opera before i started messing with
> realurl and even during my experiments with realurl i didn¹t have any major
> problems the url rewrite worked perfectly, even in Safari, but then it started
> going wrong but i can¹t remember what specifically i did at what point that
> started this mess in Safari since i mostly develop with Firefox and only
> periodically cross-check on IE and Safari, so not sure when/what happened.
> The site still works completely fine in IE (v7 & 8) and Firefox !
> How could this be ? Can someone help me trouble-shoot this ? I don¹t have a
> problem re-installing the complete typo3 since this is only a dev site i use
> to learn realurl, but i¹d really like to undertand ...
> Thx for any hints/help or clues :)

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