[TYPO3-english] realurl - problems won't go away even after complete clean/uninstall

Christophe Stadler christophe at stadler.com
Thu Nov 12 13:49:43 CET 2009


I'm realy completely stumped as to how to solve this other than completely
re-installing typo3, i am working on a dev server to learn realurl, i played
around with a couple of realurl related extension as well as trying to
write/copypasteadapt the config. The i messed up somehow and now here is the

In Safari and Opera(pc and mac) the following happens when i open my
siteroot page mydomain.com/sites/ :

* The CSS and JS files are not working (although the link in the head of the
doc is a correct relative link: <link
href="fileadmin/templates/client1/css/Main.css" rel="stylesheet"
type="text/css" />

* The images on the page are not displayed although the relative path seems
correct: <img src="fileadmin/templates/client1/images/logo.png">

But what really completely mystyfies me is this:

All the links on the page, wether in the main menu or links inside the page
content have the domain/path duplicated in the href like this:

Instead of a menu link that should be:


I get:


Now in order to be sure it¹s not a realurl config problem i have completely
removed realurl (disabled and deleted from server, database cleaned, realurl
tables are gone, caches cleaned and recleaned), disabled the htaccess file
and made sure there was no more reference/file/table whatsover from my tests
with realurl left over.

The problem persists ... I tried this on 5 different machines (all different
in terms of OS and software type & versions) reset/reinstalled browsers to
be sure it wasn¹t a cache problem.

The site worked completely fine in Safari/Opera before i started messing
with realurl and even during my experiments with realurl i didn¹t have any
major problems the url rewrite worked perfectly, even in Safari, but then it
started going wrong but i can¹t remember what specifically i did at what
point that started this mess in Safari since i mostly develop with Firefox
and only periodically cross-check on IE and Safari, so not sure when/what

The site still works completely fine in IE (v7 & 8) and Firefox !

How could this be ? Can someone help me trouble-shoot this ? I don¹t have a
problem re-installing the complete typo3 since this is only a dev site i use
to learn realurl, but i¹d really like to undertand ...

Thx for any hints/help or clues :)


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