[TYPO3-english] FE logout, enough browser backs and unwanted login

Philipp Gampe phil at philippgampe.info
Thu Nov 12 08:06:54 CET 2009

Am 12.11.2009, 03:48 Uhr, schrieb Katja Lampela <katja.lampela at lieska.net>:

> Hi,
> I thought to start another thread on this because it is maybe another  
> issue than the caching problem I had.
> Now how can I prevent the FE login form (both trad and new) to send the  
> login information again after the feuser has logged out and pushes the  
> back button enough many times - as going back to the login moment. Then  
> he gets the usual ..blahblah do you want to send the information  
> again... and hitting yes sends the login form with correct information.  
> Isn't this very very unwanted behaviour for a login box?
> Happens in Safari and Firefox.

As far as I know, you can use RSA in TYPO3 4.3.0, this will use one time  
tokens, which will fail if used a second time

Best regards

Philipp Gampe

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