[TYPO3-english] RealUrl problem - links are generated but 404 error when clicked

Christophe Stadler christophe at stadler.com
Wed Nov 11 18:07:20 CET 2009


I don't know what i'm doing wrong here, i set up realurl on two different
sites and one works ok the other has this problem.

When i rollover the menu i can see that the realurl links are nicely
generated from the page titles but as mentioned in the title they do not
resolve and give me a 404 'Page not found' error.

I might have accidentially changed/broken something while experimenting, so
i uninstalled realurl (deleted it from my server as well), cleaned my
database and caches and tried again. And i'm getting the same problem :(

Thx for any help with this !

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