[TYPO3-english] recipient_copy in class.t3lib_htmlmail.php and double emails

Joachim Rinck jr at modan.ch
Wed Nov 11 14:32:39 CET 2009


i found some, but not many issues of mailform setups resulting in double 
emails for adresses in CC.

but it seems to be a common thing, am i right? it seems that in


adresses in recipient_copy are added to

  487             // Cc
  488         if ($this->recipient_copy) {
  489             $this->add_header('Cc: ' . $this->recipient_copy);
  490         }

once and then again

  752         if ($recipient_copy) {
  753             if ($returnPathPossible) {
  754                 $mailWasSent = mail($recipient_copy,
  755                     $this->subject,
  756                     $this->message,
  757                     $this->headers,

result: the mail gets sent once to the "TO" recipient and twice to each 
"CC" recipient.

i wouldn't mind but some people do. i use powermail and i see no way to 
fix this by means of any ts config.

if i add

  751             $recipient_copy = 0;

than all is fine for me.

am i missing something obvious?

best regards, j.rinck

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