[TYPO3-english] FE auto login from email

Thomas "Thasmo" Deinhamer thasmo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 19:23:11 CET 2009

An idea would be to create a unique hash/string,
which gets inserted into a custom database table.
This record then should also get related to the
user we are sending the e-mail to.

The link generated will look like this then:


The plugin then looks for the hash in the table -
if found, the user will get logged in, either by
implementing the login directly via API, or maybe
via GET/POST request, sending the username and
passwort data to a default felogin plugin.

For enhanced security you could also add a valid
timestamp to the hash-record, on which the autologin-hash
will expire - so the e-mail link will only by
valid for X days/weeks.

Maybe it's also possible to implement this whole
solution inside a hook of the felogin extension.


Oliver Klee schrieb:
> Oliver Klee schrieb:
>> if you need to get an extension for this developed, please let me know -
>> I'd find this useful as well.
> ... and could develop such an extension.
> Oliver

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