[TYPO3-english] problem with list view CSV export

azeef abdul azeef at pitsolutions.com
Tue Nov 10 17:01:20 CET 2009

Hello list,

I have an extended field in the fe_users table; below the definitions used in the ext_tables.php file in my custom extension for this field;

blah blah.......
'tx_myext_fieldx' => Array (
        'exclude' => 1,
        'label' => 'LLL:EXT:myext/locallang_db.xml:fe_users.tx_myext_fieldx',
        'config' => Array (
            "type" => "select",
            "foreign_table" => "tx_extens_special",
            "foreign_table_where" => "ORDER BY tx_extens_special.uid",
            "size" => 10,
            "minitems" => 0,
            "maxitems" => 50,

........ blah blah

this field is a selection list, when i have selected multiple items... not all the selection list items are shown in the extended list view after setting this field and the list items are cropped. when i export it as CSV we get what is seen in the list view where selection list values are cropped. What should be done to get the complete selection list items in the list view and when export to CSV? Is this porblem with core or any setting in TCA or ext_tables.php?


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