[TYPO3-english] Strange GIFBUILDER issue

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Tue Nov 10 14:35:53 CET 2009


>>> I think I just found a solution:
>>> On my system (lenny, PHP 5.2.6-1lenny3) I had the php5-suhosin module
>>> installed. After removing that module all my headers are generated
>>> correctly. Halleluja, I hope it is working now.
>> The suhosin module adds a bit of security to your server. So removing it
>> wont be a clever idea in every case.
> I just removed the -additionally- installed php5-suhosin package. After 
> removing this package the phpinfo(); still tells me that "This server is 
> protected with the Suhosin Patch"
> It seems that a suhosin patch is compiled into PHP 5.2.6 by default from 
> the debian people.
> Installing this additional php5-suhosin package will perhaps lead to a 
> double install of the suhosin patch and causes the trouble.

No, suhosin is composed of two parts, one may be used as PHP module (the 
suhosin extension), the other should be compiled with PHP (the suhosin 
patch). All is explained on their webpage.

Actually the patch is more to secure PHP's internal:


While the extension might lead to unwanted behavior if not properly 

Xavier Perseguers
DBAL Leader


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