[TYPO3-english] New TYPO3 Videos for Editors

Tony Lush tlush at advancewm.com
Mon Nov 9 17:11:27 CET 2009

Thank you, Daniela. Your efforts are very much appreciated. The new 
series of Englush 4.2 videos is very helpful.

Best regards -- Tony Lush

Daniela wrote:
> I just wanted to let you know that we have finally managed to complete 
> the series of video tutorials for v4.2 in English. Just like the German 
> videos, the new English series consists of 21 consecutive videos taking 
> approx. four to eight minutes each. Step by step, they impart the 
> knowledge an editor needs for working with TYPO3. The series, as well as 
> a 4 minutes quick guide, and a step-by-step quick reference are 
> available for free in the videos section of typo3.org.

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