[TYPO3-english] With the new frontend editing I get a total empty screen

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 8 12:35:01 CET 2009

Daniel Doesburg wrote:
> Yes I did. But I did not recognize my problem. As far as I can see 
> it's a total different. But I will try the solution of Jeff.

On 14-10-2009 20:00 you wrote:
> An other testsite that I updated from 4.3.0a3 to 4.3.0b1 gives:
> Fatal error: Call to a member function getJavascriptIncludes() on a 
> non-object in 
> /srv/name/www/typo3_src-4.3.0beta1/typo3/sysext/feeditadvanced/view/class.tx_feeditadvanced_adminpanel.php
> on line 300

which is exactly what is reported in issue 4814.

The general 500 error is harder to debug. Most of the time I've seen 
this error when there is something wrong with:
- file/directory permissions
- file/directory ownership

Regards, Jigal.

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