[TYPO3-english] With the new frontend editing I get a total empty screen

Daniel Doesburg daniel at typo3-nl.eu
Sun Nov 8 01:00:15 CET 2009

Jigal van Hemert schreef:
> Daniel Doesburg wrote:
>> I've not an empty page but an error 500. 
> Did you try Dan Osipov's suggestion and look at the bug report in forge 
> [1]? There is a patch attached to that issue to fix the error about the 
> member of an non-initiated object.
> [1] http://forge.typo3.org/issues/show/4814
> Regards, Jigal.

Hi Jigal,

Yes I did. But I did not recognize my problem. As far as I can see it's 
a total different.
But I will try the solution of Jeff.

Kind regards,

Daniel Doesburg

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