[TYPO3-english] (no subject)

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Sat Nov 7 16:13:19 CET 2009

Hi Josh,
I had the same problem in one corrupted installation - that is, 
something had gone wrong in ftp uploading of the core files. So 
uploading them again everything started working right.

Josh Divine kirjoitti:
> Having a strange problem.  I can't get a dropdown/context menu from page 
> icons in the pagetree and I don't have cut/copy/paste option for 
> individual records.  My permissions check out (in the Install tool's 
> basic config) and the installation seems to be working perfectly 
> otherwise.  Using typo3 4.2.6  Assuming something in the user admin or 
> that it's a permissions problem?
> Thanks In advance,
> Josh Divine

  With kind regards

Katja Lampela
* www.lieska.net

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