[TYPO3-english] JQuery Tabs like rgtabs

Bartosz Aninowski bartoszx at SPAMgmail.com
Fri Nov 6 12:34:55 CET 2009

Lars Brinkmann pisze:
> Dzine dobre, Bartosz!

Dzien dobry Lars :)

> I just tried the 0.2.2 and it works - but only without Ajax. If I
> activate the Ajax-Checkbox, the content is empty.

Can't reporoduce this bug.
Please check if:
- url http://domain/index.php?type=55667&CE=X (where X is id of your 
content element) output anyting?
- object tx_evojqtabs_pi2 = PAGE is available under TSOB setup
- you see something in your access log - - [06/Nov/2009:12:30:59 +0100] "GET 
/index.php?type=55667&CE=14 HTTP/1.1" 200

Bartosz Aninowski
http://techblog.evo.pl/en/evo_nginx_boost-extension/ [Memcache Power for 

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