[TYPO3-english] JQuery Tabs like rgtabs

Ralf-René Schröder ralf.rene at online.de
Thu Nov 5 23:40:39 CET 2009

Lars Brinkmann schrieb:
> Hi Bartosz,
> it still does'nt work. Maybe because of a wrong Path for js and css?
> src="../typo3conf/ext/evo_jqtabs/res/js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js"
> I think it should be: src="typo3conf/ext..."
> Greetings, Lars Brinkmann

i think this is only when the instalation is in a subdirectory...
i tried hardcoding it in the extension and it works...
tomorow i'll try if it is possible to use the yaml accessible css for 
this extension

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