[TYPO3-english] jumpurl.secure.mimtypes site freeze

John D. Shull clfcwembaster at clfc.com
Thu Nov 5 18:08:17 CET 2009


Using jumpurl.secure.mimetypes with filelinks content to allow download 
of MP3's for logged in users with relatively no problem, other than when 
a user downloads an MP3 (completely downloaded or not), navigation 
throughout the site becomes frozen in the same browser.  Access to 
Internet in general within the same browser is not affected.  Navigation 
to the site is restored only after erasing cookies.  (Of course the user 
  session is terminated.)

Have this TS in my filelinks / login page:

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc {
       jumpurl = 1
       jumpurl.secure = 1
       jumpurl.secure.mimeTypes = mp3=application/octet-stream

MP3 directory is protected with .htaccess:

<Files *.mp3>
order allow,deny
deny from all
allow from .sitename.com
allow from www.sitename.com
allow from (host IP address)

Typo3 version 4.2.10

Reviewing any documentation on jumpurl I can find.  Any pointers 

Thanks in advance.


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