[TYPO3-english] add code after </body> but before </html>

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Thu Nov 5 07:41:10 CET 2009


> Is this possible? If I add it to the html template after the
> <!-- ###DOCUMENT_BODY### END-->
> it's not there.

Normal! This is an end marker for the template zone (a subtemplate). Just see how one may define its website without TemplaVoilà and you'll get it.

> Adding it into the ts with for example page.1000... adds the code before 
> the final </body>.

There is as last resort a hook that can post-process the whole page after it has been generated. Could be a way. Alternatively, search for the part of Core that generates the <body></body> and see if 
you may hook there. Just a few ideas though.

Xavier Perseguers

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