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Thomas Allmer at at delusionworld.com
Wed Nov 4 23:06:40 CET 2009

Andreas Becker wrote:
> Why don't you use siomply the new extensiuon complete  backup which just
> came out yesterday? 

awesome.. how did you noticed? I mean do you regularly check for new 
extensions at typo3.org or is there any other page/service to keep you 

I mean I just released it didn't even wrote a manual or a blog post...

Here is a brief description:
- completely php based - no system calls at all
- function to clean all temporary data (for the filesystem and DB)
- generates a filesystem backup as *.tar.gz and a DB Backup as *.sql.gz
   * it may use multiple ajax requests if the filesystem is to big for a 
single php execution (timeout) [needs extension mpm]
- a backup server can be notified to load the backupfiles
   * the backup server can afterwards contact the TYPO3 server to delete 
the already saved backups
   * a simple example of a backup server is provided
- comes with a script to deploy this complete backup (2 files) with one 
click an a server
   * means extracting, creating DB, inserting data - again may use 
multiple ajax requests for the filesystem.

> It really does not make sense to always reinvent wheels
> over and over again.

so true, but sometimes its harder as you have to respect other rules... 
with your own stuff you can do whatever you like :p [I still think that 
working together is far better and I looked at the most promising backup 
solution, but nothing had any potential in my eyes (besides most were 
really, really old). So I created completebackup.

> better try to work together with the creator of
> complete backup extensions to improve it to ONE very good backup extension
> which than could even be included in core when stable and useful for
> everyone. [...]

hell yeah if anyone is eager enough to test this undocumented beast - I 
got a lot to do...

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