[TYPO3-english] Typo3 backup

Andreas Lappe nd at off-pist.de
Wed Nov 4 15:18:51 CET 2009

On  4.11.09, De Contardi Riccardo wrote:
> A little question about how to backup a Typo3 on linux 
> I want to set up a little script to back up my typo3 installation
> (I know there's an extension, but I'd prefer to set up a script of my
> own)
> This is my "plan":
> -          tar & gz all the source folders (in my case
> usr/share/typo3-core/

As you already say, this is the typo3-source and unless you installed
yourself some extensions systemwide you can ignore this directory


,,Typographie ist keine neutrale Kodierung des gesprochenen Wortes.´´
  -Neil Postman

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