[TYPO3-english] How to set up/configure a Typo3 workfow

Chris Müller timmi1 at gmx.li
Wed Nov 4 12:37:21 CET 2009

Hi Riccardo,

create an own workspace. Look at the "Users" divider, there you will 
find some answers.


De Contardi Riccardo schrieb:
> Hi
> Some questions for you about managing workflows in typo3
> 1.	Is there somewhere some documentation or tutorial about
> workflows/workspaces?
> 2.	Using the "workflow" tool I noticed that when a BE User (let's
> call him "Writer") submits its work, he can send it to "Review" or
> "Publish". As for my purpouses "Reviewer" User and "Publisher" User will
> be the same person, is there a way to skip one "step" (apart from
> clicking twice ;) )?
> 3.	Is there an option to send email notifications to the actors of
> the workflow (reviewer, writer in case of rejections, etc?)

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