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Sun May 17 00:05:05 CEST 2009

table (root line !) that is used when building the speaking URL. 

But I would be curious how to edit the mentioned 'RealUrl path segment' in 
an alternative page language (language overlay)? Using the TV page 

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> Hi Daniela,
> There's a field 'RealURL path segment' which you can use to keep the
> URL-segment identical, even if you change other fields.
> Bas
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> Hi there,
> we use realurl 1.5.3. with a TYPO3 system 4.2.6. and found out that,
> when using a navigation title, this now determines the url of the page,
> not the pagetitle anymore (using realurl 1.3.1 with a TYPO3 system
> 4.1.6. the pagetitle determines the url, even if a navigation title is
> entered).
> Did you notice this in other systems, too? We don't understand the sense
> of that, because with this new configuration we could change the
> pagetitle directly and would not need to enter a navigation title, in
> order to keep the url - which makes the navigation title superfluos,
> doesn't it? This difference would also mean, that, if someone made an
> update (and maybe only after clearing the path cache), all urls, where
> navigation titles are used, were going to be changed...
> Kind regards,
> Daniela Koenig
> a7digital Arend
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