[TYPO3-english] TypoScript Cheatsheet

Martin Holtz typo3ng_2008 at martinholtz.de
Fri May 29 13:35:27 CEST 2009

Hi Ron,

> Therefore I am thinking of making an outline of objects and functions I
> use the most with a listing of their properties. A TypoScript cheat
> sheet, if you will. Something like this:
> stdWrap
>     setContentToCurrent
>     setCurrent
>     lang
>     data
>     field
>     current
>     cObject
>     etc. etc etc.
i am using the browser-search, see http://wiki.typo3.org/OpenSearch

but usually i know where i am searching which property, but i tested to
use suggestions to show which property is available.

If you type in "HTML" (dont press enter;) into the search box you should
see some suggestions:

I think it could make such Cheatsheet if we integrate the xml-file which
is used by the tsparser-extension.

Btw.: you can search in WEC-forums with "wec templavoila", or in google
via "gg templavoila", the api via "api typolink" etc. There you will not
get any suggestion, but you will redirected to the search engine (does
only work, if they accept get-commands). Type in "help" and you will get
the implemented prefixes.

But it is only a first step - i did what i need (btw. i didnt checked
into the repository my last changes).


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