[TYPO3-english] More Databases but one main sysfolder

Wiel, J.A.M. van de j.a.m.v.d.wiel at tue.nl
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Hi Richard,
This performance issue can not come from just having 5000 records alone. You don't tell us anything about the hardware setup you're using, so I'm assuming the most common shared hosting scenario or maybe a dedicated box. In which case you'll have issues with PHP taking up resources that MySQL needs to perform its queries, putting both in deadlocks waiting for eachother. This is easy but to fix but it costs money: put MySQL on a different physical machine.

If you already have a split setup, you should check to see if the MySQL machine is the one experiencing performance issues or the web server. I've seen situations like this where the web server simply couldn't handle the load (PHP can get rather heavy on RAM and CPU), and the DB machine was doing almost nothing. If it's the web server you're in relative luck since these can easily scale up, just add new servers and add loadbalancing (hardware loadbalancers are awesome tools, but you could just stick to DNS round robin).

Scaling up MySQL is a tougher pickle as it's not easy at all to just plug in more machines. Some others have already suggested ring replication, which could work. I have no experience with it so I don't know. We tried using a commercial package for MySQL clustering at one point (not MySQL's own clustering), which caused more problems than it solved and didn't do anything much for performance. So your mileage may vary here.

Good luck!


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Hey :)

I really dont know how to ask my question exactly that everyone can
understand it, but i will try as good as i can :)

Ok, i got 1 Typo3 installation and !6! sites included in it. I had to
take like 5000 news news from an old typo3 to the new one. And believe
me, with all new features i included now. The 6 sites and also the
backend is more than slow. To split the news into 6 single sites would
not be the prob, but i got one main sysfolder where all registered users
are stored also some other things which are for all sites.

So i want to know, if its possible to make. 6 typo3 installs and 7
databases. 6 dbs for the typo3 sites and 1 for the main sysfolder and
other things which should be included in all 6 sites at the same time.

I heard from dbal, but honestly im not sure if its the right way.

Thanks in advance!
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