[TYPO3-english] More Databases but one main sysfolder

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb >] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Thu May 28 15:59:41 CEST 2009

Richard Jäger schrieb:
> Hey :)
> I really dont know how to ask my question exactly that everyone can 
> understand it, but i will try as good as i can :)
> Ok, i got 1 Typo3 installation and !6! sites included in it. I had to 
> take like 5000 news news from an old typo3 to the new one. And believe 
> me, with all new features i included now. The 6 sites and also the 
> backend is more than slow. To split the news into 6 single sites would 
> not be the prob, but i got one main sysfolder where all registered users 
> are stored also some other things which are for all sites.
> So i want to know, if its possible to make. 6 typo3 installs and 7 
> databases. 6 dbs for the typo3 sites and 1 for the main sysfolder and 
> other things which should be included in all 6 sites at the same time.
> I heard from dbal, but honestly im not sure if its the right way.

This might be an option.
Or you do it like we did (so experience is there).
We did a MySQL multi-master ring replication (which mysql says it's not 
possible ;-))

Basically we have 3 TYPO3 installs that share their FE Users, News and 
some other utility tables on database level.

Currently the only "drawback" is that we cannot use more than 10 servers 
(but I consider this "ok" in our situation).

does this help?


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