[TYPO3-english] More Databases but one main sysfolder

Richard Jäger richard_j at arcor.de
Thu May 28 15:54:10 CEST 2009

Hey :)

I really dont know how to ask my question exactly that everyone can 
understand it, but i will try as good as i can :)

Ok, i got 1 Typo3 installation and !6! sites included in it. I had to 
take like 5000 news news from an old typo3 to the new one. And believe 
me, with all new features i included now. The 6 sites and also the 
backend is more than slow. To split the news into 6 single sites would 
not be the prob, but i got one main sysfolder where all registered users 
are stored also some other things which are for all sites.

So i want to know, if its possible to make. 6 typo3 installs and 7 
databases. 6 dbs for the typo3 sites and 1 for the main sysfolder and 
other things which should be included in all 6 sites at the same time.

I heard from dbal, but honestly im not sure if its the right way.

Thanks in advance!

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