[TYPO3-english] Error with click-enable image

Gunnar Jonsson gu-jonss at online.no
Mon May 25 21:15:21 CEST 2009

I have a website that uses click-enable for most pictures. It have been 
working excellent for years, but now I discovered that the click-enable is 
not working any more. I have not done anything with the website since 
january, when I changed from php4 to php5 and upgraded to typo3 4.2.6.

When I click on a picture a new popup window comes up, but it seems that it 
is hanging, just showing a white space in the window. After some minutes it 
comes up with an error message that the server is not available.

The link in the popup window is the following, which seems to be OK or is it 
something wrong with the link?


And the file /dola-atelier.net/uploads/pics/DSC_1070ap800.jpg do indeed 

Any one who have an idea what the problem is? Or how to debug this?

Gunnar Jonsson

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