[TYPO3-english] Solved: Template-Analyzer: Listing of complete TypoScript

Marcel Remmy marcel.remmy at fh-kl.de
Fri May 22 18:55:38 CEST 2009

Well, the solution is so simple. Kasper already prodived this function
his template analyzer, so no new tool needed. I just to not understand
why no link to this function is presented.

change the link from domain.tld/index.php?id=23&template=sys_42 to

now you'll have to wait a few moments since the parser gathers all
TypoScript lines that affect this page.

Couldn't this plain link be included for the next template-analyzer
version? Or is there something to be discussed because of what this
function shouldn't be used?

best wishes and a happy weekend

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