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LaPointe, Matthew MLapointe at jcvi.org
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Hi All,

I'm at a standstill with a project because of this security problem.

Is the question too confusing? I'm happy to clarify.

Thanks again.


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Hello Gracious List,

I have a Typo3 4.2 installation with a section requiring a FE login.
Once logged in users are presented with a digest of news items
(tt_news). Each of these items has permissions tied to it. The tt_news
plugin properly only displays news items which a user should be able to
see based on FE Group settings.

The problem is that indexed_search doesn't seem to respect these
permissions and displays these items in its search results. If one of
these search items is clicked on, tt_news displays "no news id given,"
properly disallowing it to be viewed. How can I prevent indexed_search
from displaying protected content from those who do not have sufficient

Thank you for any help offered.

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