[TYPO3-english] Problem with web>view

Jörg Klein joerg at klein-family.com
Thu May 21 18:09:45 CEST 2009

Hi again!

>>>> I have a page with hidden content. The page also has hidden subpages.
>>>> I am in the backend and use the module web>view to view that page.
>>>> Now I see _everything_ on the page: I see hidden content-elements and 
>>>> (in the menu) hidden pages.
>>>> I think that this module should show the page the way a normal visitor 
>>>> gets it.
>>>> But it does not. It just shows everything.
>>>> I do not expect this module to work that way.
>>> Does it occour when you are logged in the backend only or are the hidden 
>>> elements always shown?
>> My problem is only with using this backend-module.
>> If I visit the page in the frontend, it always is correct. (Also when I 
>> am logged in in the BE that time.)
> Ok, I think I understand now.
> Hidden Elements always should be shown in the backend because there you 
> have to have the control to show or hide them for the frontend.

something else about that:
In this module in the Backend I CANNOT see a page, which in the frontend 
only is visible for a certain FE-usergroup.

Somehow this all is buggy...


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