[TYPO3-english] Problem with web>view

Jörg Klein joerg at klein-family.com
Wed May 20 21:50:00 CEST 2009

Hi David,

>>>> I have a page with hidden content. The page also has hidden subpages.
>>>> I am in the backend and use the module web>view to view that page.
>>>> Now I see _everything_ on the page: I see hidden content-elements and 
>>>> (in the menu) hidden pages.
>>>> I think that this module should show the page the way a normal visitor 
>>>> gets it.
>>>> But it does not. It just shows everything.
>>>> I do not expect this module to work that way.
>>> Does it occour when you are logged in the backend only or are the hidden 
>>> elements always shown?
>> seems it is still not clear: :-(
>> My problem is only with using this backend-module.
>> If I visit the page in the frontend, it always is correct. (Also when I 
>> am logged in in the BE that time.)
> Ok, I think I understand now.
> Hidden Elements always should be shown in the backend because there you 
> have to have the control to show or hide them for the frontend.
Hmm, that cannot be the reason:
This module just shows me the page.
If I want to edit the page in that view, I would have to activate 
But I don't have to have frontend-editing enabled to be able to use this 
Then it should not be available at all, if FE-editing is disabled.

My point is:
The module says, that it is there to view the website.
So a normal editor expects the website to be shown as it will be, if a 
normal user visits it.
Then it is confusing, if suddenly you see everything there.
That way this module does not really help.
It is in contrast rather shocking, if you now find your christmas-greetings 
in the middle of your start-page.

> That's the sense of the hide-button.
> When you don't need any elements at all anymore you can delete them in the 
> backend. Most extensions and the default content-elements aren't really 
> deleted but have a deleted flag in the database and aren't shown up at all 
> if this flag is set. So deleted pages or content-elements can be restored.
Yes, and in 4.3 we will have the recycler by Julian Kleinhans.
I know.


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