[TYPO3-english] Images not created in uploads directory

Stanislav Rusnak monstrozita at gmail.com
Wed May 20 09:45:52 CEST 2009

Hello, thanks for your reply.

My hoster replied that they made complete upgrade of PHP, apache, MySQL 
and whole system.

I checked directory permissions and all of them are writeable.

ImageMagick software is not installed on the server and Typo3 is 
complaining about disabled exec() function. However exec() was never 
permitted and imagemagick was never installed on this server. GDLib is 
available. It was working without IM and exec() until now.

Is IM essntial for Typo3 functionality? How to configure typo3 to run on 
systems without exec() allowed? Let's say that I don't want any images 
processing and i will upload images sized correctly, is IM necessary than?

Best regards Stanislav Rusnak

Marcus Krause  wrote / napísal(a):
> Stanislav Rusnak schrieb am 05/19/2009 09:34 AM Uhr:
>> Hello,
>> I am running typo3 site on freeBSD server. Everything was working
>> correctly until my provider made some changes in server configuration.
>> Now images are not shown in frontend and backend anymore.
>> I upload image to ftp and add it to content via RTE, but only blank
>> image is shown. When I switch to plain html mode, i see that url of the
>> image points to uploads/ directory and image name starts with
>> "RTEmagicC" string, but the image is not created there. Images added
>> before server changed are shown correctly, some urls are pointing to
>> uploads directory, but most of them are pointing to fileadmin directory
>> where original files are stored. I am confused.
>> Do you have any clue what's going on there?
> Ask the hoster what he has changed?
> Open the install tool and check, if directory permissions are set right!
> Open the install tool and check, if image processing (im/gm) is working
> correctly.
> Marcus.

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