[TYPO3-english] tt_news categories and fe_users problem

Sergio scatala at iti.upv.es
Tue May 19 13:00:18 CEST 2009

Hi list, 

I've got the next situation:

1. - I've got three tt_news categories:
 |--- My News
         |--- Partners
         |--- Researchers
 ("Partners" and "Researchers" are subcategories)
 2. - I've got two fe_users groups:
 |--- Partners
 |--- Researchers
 3. - I've got one page for listing all news. I use tt_news plugin with:

 - LIST option.
 - Show items with selected categories (OR).
 - "My News" category selected. 
 - PageId for individual news is set to single page, which is described
 the next point.

 4. - I've got one single page with two content items inside:

 A) Login plugin that shows on page when no one is logged in.

 B) One tt_news plugin with SINGLE option (THE IMPORTANT PART IS HERE!).

 5. - I've got one tt_news article with "My news" and "Partners"
 categories selected. 

 I would like the article to be shown on LIST plugin (from point 3)
ALWAYS and only its content to be shown on SINGLE plugin (from point
4.B) when a "Partner" fe_user is logged in. When a "Researcher" is
logged in the article must disappear.

 I'm driving myself crazy to get the solution but I don't know how to do
it :-(

 I tried different TS configurations, plugins, tt_news category manager,
and so on...

 Any clues?

 Thanks in advance, 

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