[TYPO3-english] real url - cache

Cyber A. excyber99 at gmail.com
Mon May 18 14:24:58 CEST 2009

I have a problem with the caching for website.
In TS is set "config.no_cache = 0" (cache is enable) In this case, pages are
not caching. Always opens the same page with the same content.

However, if the cache is disable (config.no_cache = 1) work OK. Each opens
another page with different content.
I wish, however, that pages to be cached.

In extension via GET parameter I get the value that I have defined in the
configuration of real url.

'postVarSets' => array (
      '_DEFAULT' => array (
            'pages' => array(
                          'GETvar' => 'page',

URL are:
http://domain.td/test_ex/pages/1.html        ...


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