[TYPO3-english] Video sharing project. Anyone interested?

Daniel Huf dhuf at cross-systems.com
Fri May 15 08:16:11 CEST 2009

Hi all, interesting ideas. Hope we will see something soon ;)

About the tt_news and the DAM, I think I'd go for the DAM. The main idea 
of a digital asset management is to handle medias. You can add metadatas 
to your vidéo, etc. What I still don't know is how you can handle 
multilangual metadatas. (but isn't a vidéo only in one language ?)

But the good thing with DAM is that you have a nice interface in the BE 
to search and order your content (by folder, category, type of file etc.)

Good luck,

Morten Kjems wrote:
>> just yesterday I started loking into this issue.
>> I will be using tt_news and ffmpeg.
>> I searched and did not find any published extension that would work 
>> with ffmpeg. An extension that provides ffmpeg as a service would be 
>> of my interest.
> Your project sounds like it is pretty close to my original idea. When 
> you are through researching then you could outline your project and get 
> feedback here. I could also help you test as you develop.
> Thanks
> /Morten

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