[TYPO3-english] Subject: changing wrap for first and last menu items

David Bruchmann typo3-en at bruchmann-web.de
Thu May 14 19:12:14 CEST 2009

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> I'm sorry the thread didn't connect so the question seems garbled.
> I was looking to change the class for the first and last menu items.
> As I understand it, that can be accomplished using something like;
> wrap = <ul id="yacbddm" class="firstLevel"> | </ul>   //  this is outer UL within which li's will appear
> NO.allWrap = <li class="first"> | </li> |*| <li class="normal"> | </li> |*| <li class="last"> | </li>   // this is parttdioning li's into three parts first, last and all in-between as norma
> But then I wanted to also allow for a different class for IFSUB.
> then -within- IFSUB I would like a differing class whether it is
> the first item, middle item or last item on the menu.
> Another way to say it would be like this (using six classes);
> First menu item - (if NO then class1, if IFSUB then class2)
> Middle menu item - ( if NO then class3, if IFSUB then class4)
> Last menu item - (if NO then class5, if IFSUB then class6)
> Like I say, I may be asking too much.


if I don't misunderstand you, your question is answered by my example on 

There for each itemState (NO, CUR, IFSUB, etc.) you can find an own 
definition of wrapping. Doesn't that fit?


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