[TYPO3-english] Subject: changing wrap for first and last menu items

David Banning david at skytracker.ca
Thu May 14 05:25:59 CEST 2009

>    You need to wrap your menu this way to give different classes to first
>    and last li's generated,
>    Â
>    Â  wrap = <ul id="yacbddm" class="firstLevel"> | </ul>Â Â  //Â  this is
>    outer UL within which li's will appear
>    Â Â Â Â  NO.allWrap = <li class="first"> | </li> |*| <li
>    class="normal"> | </li> |*| <li class="last"> | </li>Â Â  // this is
>    parttdioning li's into three parts first, last and all in-between as
>    normal
>    I have not told about what to do when there need be active class or so,
>    if more script is needed, say back.

Yes - Thanks for that Farooq - I did find that in a thread somewhere
but ran into problems because of another class. So how is this configuration
handled in operation with ACT, CUR or IFSUB?

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