[TYPO3-english] Video sharing project. Anyone interested?

Paul Bucalo paul.bucalo at gmail.com
Wed May 13 14:05:51 CEST 2009

I think ffmpeg is more like ImageMagick in terms of complexity and footprint
on the server.
I've never tried to install from RPM (I can't even imagine an extension that
installs something from source) but supposedly it's possible:
Perhaps any ffmpeg-dependent extension should assume the server admin has
installed already?

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 4:57 AM, Morten Kjems <mortenkjems at gmail.com> wrote:

> > While uploading a new video it was possibile to select a category
> > (funny, people, ecc.) that is based on DAM categories. It was also
> > possible to order videos based on upload time, rating, comments number,
> > number of views and (obviously) title.
> Nice! I like all these features.
> I have never used any DAM extension. Can you give me some arguments why
> this is better than integrating with tt_news?
> > Yes, the solution could support both systems. It would be very nice to
> > integrate ffmpeg as an extension that can be installed if needed (also
> > the remote conversion service has been integrated as an extension).
> It would be very nice indeed to integrate ffmpeg as an extension. This
> part of the project also has a much wider interest. Many TYPO3 companies
> have customers who asks for various video options. But there is no
> easy-to-use options available. Maybe the first part of the project could
> be to integrate ffmpeg and to create a new content element named
> "video". Editors would not have to worry about conversion and formats
> but could leave this to ffmpeg. Basically it should be as easy to insert
> a video as it is to insert an image.
> If this is the objective it will be easier to get sponsoring since
> almost everybody has an interest in seeing this feature in TYPO3. I will
> be happy to do some fund raising and to drop a coin in the jar myself.
> What do you think?
> > If you are interested in this project and/or in sponsoring this
> > development we can provide you a demo site where you can take a look to
> > the extension.
> I am interested but I am not a millionaire and I will not be able to
> sponsor months of work, but we are not talking a few euros either. If
> you have a test site then send me a login and I will take a look.
> Are you planning on making this a public extension? I would prefer that
> so that more people can contribute.
> Regards
> /Morten
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