[TYPO3-english] Domains scenario

Sergio scatala at iti.upv.es
Tue May 12 17:28:14 CEST 2009

Hi list, 

I've got the next scenario on my page tree:

Main (domain: www.main.com)
	|--------> Partners (domain: www.partners.com)
	|--------> Forms (domain: www.forms.com)

The design and menus in main site and subsites are equal. You only
realize you're in a different domain looking at the URL. 

Well, on my Main TS config I used: config.baseURL = http://www.main.com/
On "Partners" subsite I used: config.baseURL = http://www.partners.com/
On "Forms" subsite I used: config.baseURL = http://www.forms.com/

The problem is I always want the menus point to the same domain (Main):
if I'm inside Forms or Partners domain, the menus point to its
respective domain. How could I do them to point to the main domain? 

Could you suggest me a way to get what I want? 


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