[TYPO3-english] t3blog and templavoila

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Mon May 11 21:09:11 CEST 2009

Hey Dominic,

The mean problem with the current blog page is that it
uses it's own html/css.
Often you will see a blog on it's own, like these
wordpress sort of system and there is no CMS features needed.
However since this is TYPO3 a blog for a TYPO3 site is just a add-on,
if you know what I mean.  To use your blog as part of the rest of the  
it's really hard to make this work, specially when you need your own
(or given by artists) layout.

I understand that you don't like TV, this is fine and I don't have a big
problem with that. I could make it to work... properly if I would
put more effort in it.. I know it has been done by other people.
However this means creating a special TV blog template and
do some special configurations. But it would be so nice
if it just works as 'Insert Plugin' ... config templating ure it and  
off you go.

The reason I looked into t3blog was because it's really nice looking  
BE functionality.

About TYPO3 standard, there are some ways within TYPO3 that
administrator expect on how a extension is expected to work,
thins like insert plugins, TS constant and static.

I am personally 'ok' that you use TS as your system,
it might not help others a lot but I could figure it out on how to  
change the template.

I 'think' that TYPO3 < 3.6 (before auto make template) used that exact  
same system
so I  assume this extension was grown historically. :)


On May 11, 2009, at 1:47 PM, Dominic Brander wrote:

> Hi all
> thanks for all your valuable inputs.
> I think mostly t3blog is just misunderstood. It's main idea is to  
> create
> a blog page where all the widgets are displayed and not a "normal"
> webpage where the plugins of the blog are displayed... This is by far
> too complicate.
> You CAN use the different plugins throughout your site, but i strongly
> suggest to stick to the main idea: create ONE page and put all your  
> blog
> stuff on it. We've created the plugins just to give you some more
> freedom including parts of your blog (like the latest comments)
> somewhere on your webpage. But it is NOT the main goal to do it this
> way. Sorry for not communicating this clear enough.
> And for the TemplaVoila users: Sorry, I never liked it and I have not
> really tested on TemplaVoila. But I know it works well, but you might
> run into problems when using it the plugin (=not "officially"
> recommended) way.
> Concerning the future of the blog-extension:
> We will launch this week (maybe) a new version whith little changes.
> Concerning your "it is not build the way it should"... Hmm, to be
> honest: Is there REALLY a way such an extension should be built?
> It is not storing the data it should? It just stores the data the way
> IRRE stores the data... No additional magic here.
> Or did I misunderstand this part? Please feel free to teach me how  
> this
> should be like.
> Well, I agree it is very hard for many to change the design/behaviour
> when not really deep in TypoScript. Maybe I will write a better
> manual/tutorial to clarify how to change things easier...
> greetings
> dominic
> Andreas Becker schrieb:
>> Hi Ries and Christopher
>> I totaly agree to you both and many others which already posted  
>> about T3Blog
>> here.
>> Looks nice (if working), nice features (which are working), but  
>> absolutly
>> non conform with TYPO3 standards.
>> There are lots of other post mentioning exactly the same problems.  
>> As I
>> understood it the blog was developed by snowflake for standard  
>> templating
>> and therefore TemplaVoila modern Templating was even not taken in
>> consideration. Also I read that this blog has been developed for the
>> Japanese market where you can make good profit in having blog stuff  
>> - as
>> people there like blogs very much. They use usually ONLY Blogs -  
>> similar to
>> how you would use i.e. wordpress. Exactly this is also the best use  
>> for
>> T3Blog. As a Blog Only site it is set up quite fast. Therefore this  
>> blog
>> actually doesn't need to be conform with any other stuff inside  
>> TYPO3.
>> As you might have seen the way of storing data isn't like it should  
>> be. So
>> in my opinion it is a very nice blog which is build upon the typo3  
>> core
>> using lots of features you also have available i.e. in rgnewsce and  
>> other
>> TYPO3 extensions which are conform to TYPO3 Guidelines.
>> If you want to run a TYPO3 Blog ONLY because you want to run TYPO3  
>> and not
>> WORDPRESS than take it in consideration for your blogging only  
>> site. But if
>> you want to run a blog inside a TYPO3 Website with your oen design,  
>> than
>> better use tt_news and build it up as a blog!
>> I am also not sure how the development of T3Blog will continue in  
>> Future and
>> if it will be supported by the core team members which would be very
>> important to make it a n integrative part of TYPO3.  Perhaps not as  
>> it isn't
>> following the guidelines. As long as snowflake the company  
>> developing this
>> extension isn't getting a bit more conform with "what is TYPO3"  
>> with T3Blog
>> you should wait using it in a productive site. To make your own  
>> picture make
>> a search for T3Blog posts here on the mailinglist and the German on  
>> and also
>> at wec and you will make your own picture about it - sure!
>> So take in account that it is perhaps a deadend road you are  
>> investing your
>> time. As nice as this extension is it - it really is nice - but you  
>> get
>> stuck all a long to get it working - escpecially in TemplaVoila. It  
>> is only
>> really usable - and even very good to sell as a blog only solution.  
>> That is
>> also our experience!
>> Andi
>> On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 9:26 AM, Ries van Twisk <typo3 at rvt.dds.nl>  
>> wrote:
>>> On May 2, 2009, at 8:49 PM, Christopher Torgalson wrote:
>>>> Hi Ries,
>>>> On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 6:29 PM, Ries van Twisk <typo3 at rvt.dds.nl>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> hey All,
>>>>> Is T3blog and templavoila a valid blogging combination?
>>>>> I added the extension though insert plugin to my template,
>>>>> but simply nothing happens I added main, functionalities and  
>>>>> template
>>>>> as static template.
>>>>> When I add blog2page then my whole page.10 get's overwritten and
>>>>> I end up with nothing but a website that doesn't even look close  
>>>>> what
>>>>> I am using.. It just print some tuff though...
>>>>> Currently I need to wring my self through hoops, gates and closed
>>>>> doors ( I need to open)
>>>>> to get this to work.
>>>>> The authors says that the TS isn't so hard, but wading through  
>>>>> 1200
>>>>> lines for just blogRoll isn't what I call fun.
>>>>> As it looks like this extension is really nice,
>>>>> but doesn't use some of the very cool TYPO3 standard to get this
>>>>> to work in the usually way wish is usually insert plugin, select
>>>>> plugin functions and voila... off you go.
>>>>> I am I wrong or right?
>>>> I can confirm this. Supposedly (according to the manual), it  
>>>> should be
>>>> possible to insert content elements in the usual way, but nothing
>>>> happens. Even using the non-TV templating method, it's not
>>>> particularly easy to set the blog up. I found it almost  
>>>> impossible to
>>>> set it up with any markup other than the default.
>>>> Seems to me that T3blog is a really nice idea (especially the BE
>>>> module and the IRRE method!), but that it's not really finished.  
>>>> In my
>>>> opinion, it's not usable in production unless you want your blog to
>>>> look just the snowflake one.
>>> hey Christopher,
>>> that's about my conclusion aswell. In the BE it really looks nice
>>> But it simply doesn't follow the TYPO3 standard very well for  
>>> installing
>>> this as a FE extension (insert plugin, config and ready...)
>>> If the snowflake guys can chime in it would be great, but for now
>>> I will try something else first before I try to kill myself making
>>> this work.
>>> I also tried this :
>>> http://www.thomaskieslich.net/de/blog/t3post/2009/03/24/interessante-infos-zum-t3blog.html
>>> (My german is gans mal) but also that didn't juice op the site
>>> Ries
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