[TYPO3-english] Posting in t3blog

Dominic Brander dominic at typo3.org
Mon May 11 20:56:57 CEST 2009

Ciao Sergio
to make this possible you have to change the TCA for the t3blog if you 
want to override the default settings.
In the backend switch to module tools>configuration and choose in the 
menu $TCA (tables.php).
Then look for [tx_t3blog_post].
Clicking through the array will finally lead you to
$TCA['tx_t3blog_post']['columns']['hidden']['config']['default'] = 1;
change it to
$TCA['tx_t3blog_post']['columns']['hidden']['config']['default'] = 0;

Now, copy/paste this value into the configuration file where you can set 
it. This is all you can do from here...

The same goes for the "only registered..."

Concerning the approve:
plugin.tx_t3blog_pi1.myblog.widget.blogList.approved = 1

please refer to the manual for further details.


Sergio schrieb:
> I'm trying to make my t3blog as easy as possible for my BE users :)
> So:
> * I would like posts to be published when users create and save them
> (not having to use "Unhide" option before publishing). I didn't find
> anything about it in the manual.
> * Same behaviour for comments: not having to "Approve" it from the BE. 
> * Every time they create a post, I would like "Only registered users can
> comment" option to be marked by default in the post so users didn't have
> to decide about the comments.  
> Thanks in advance, 
> Sergio

Dominic Brander
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