[TYPO3-english] Empty body in typo3 documents when using lighttpd

Per Baekgaard baekgaard at b4net.dk
Mon May 11 19:53:17 CEST 2009

Been using typo3 for >5 years, running under Apache (1 and 2) on Linux
machines (redhat and ubuntu server).

In order to optimize also other parts of the system, I am trying to
switch over to Lighttpd instead of Apache. The Typo3 BE works fine, and
so does also all of my wordpress blogs and image libraries etc... but I
have the following problem:

If I serve a page from the cache, it appears correct.

But if I clear the cache and reload the page, with lighttpd rebuilding
it, it is "empty"... the header part is correct, but the <body> ...
</body> part is completely lacking. The tags are there, but nothing else
in between the tags(!).

With the help of "dokma" on IRC, I have managed to get Eclipse running
and am able to start debugging the code when running on the server, but
as I'm not familiar with typo3 source, I have had some challenges so far
to figure out where the problem appears and in which part of the code ;-(

Has anyone else observed this behaviour with lighttpd? Are there any
specific settings that I need to apply to make it work correctly to
typo3 or lighttpd?

I'm on Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS on the server, with all the latest updates. I
used to run Typo3 4.2.1 and have recently upgraded to 4.2.6 (which by
the way seemed to slow down serving the pages on my old machine here...)
The original installation of Typo3 is quite old (maybe even 10 yrs) but
been upgraded with the releases since then, obviously...

Any help or input appreciated!

-- Per.

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